The Freeing Year: M/s historical fiction

Shemot (Exodus) And these are the ordinances that you shall set before them. Should you buy a Hebrew slave, he shall work [for] six years, and in the seventh [year], he shall go out to freedom without charge. If he comes [in] alone, he shall go out alone; if he is a married man, his wife shall go out with him. If his master gives him a wife, and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and he shall go out alone. But if the slave says, “I love my master, … Continue reading

The Beast (the real story)

I remember being the beast. I remember the hunger, the need, the anger and the despair. I remember the man. The stories say I attacked him for a rose, threatened to kill him or imprison him until he offered me his daughter in exchange. The stories give me too much credit. I attacked him, yes. Blindly furious at the invasion of my territory, the theft of my possessions. (Do you really think he found a seemingly-abandoned palace and tried to take only a rose? He was not so foolish.) Yes, I terrified him. He ran from me like I was … Continue reading

Taming My Wolf

I found him lying in a ditch behind the warehouse. He looked like he’d gotten on the wrong end of a meat tenderizer. Mud mixed with the blood covering his body and stained the little clothing he had a red-brown tie-dye. I managed to get him home. Don’t ask me how. Or why. Healing isn’t my strength, but I had magic enough to burn any infection out of his wounds. I had to cut his clothing off and by the time he was clean, I and every rag I owed was a disgusting mess. Since he showed no sign of … Continue reading

Innocents, Part II

(Part I) The door to the glamourhame opened. “Enter and be silent.” Dannel stepped into the torture chamber and bowed to the fae lord within. The door closed behind him. Dannel had been in the glamourhame once before. When he had been brought here for Lord Falthro to torture to death. He still didn’t know what had made the lord stop and listen to him. Believe in his innocence. Dannel was alive because of the fae’s honor and honesty. He was a slave, and about to be tortured to feed the fae’s glamour, because before learning of Dannel’s innocence the … Continue reading

Dracula and the Wolfman?

David grabbed the collar and leash out of the draw and walked over to where his pup was snoozing before the fire. A quick back rub woke the pup up and brown eyes gleamed up at him. “Want to go for a walk?” His pup jumped up and immediately started whining and nudging at the collar. David laughed and held up a treat. “Sit.” The pup immediately plopped down on his haunches. “Up.” Bring his front paws up, the pup carefully balanced as David set the treat on his nose. “Get it.” Grabbing the treat with a practiced snap, the … Continue reading


I saw him for the first time walking the ancient wood where the priest said demons and fell spirits made their homes. They say the devil is skilled in deception, but to me he seemed an angel lit upon the earth. He stood in a fall of sunlight that slipped through a gap in the autumn leaves. I remember best his eyes. How sad and weary they seemed. For a moment, his eyes met mine, then he stepped back out of the sunlight. His dark skin blended with the shadows of the trees, and I saw no more.   A … Continue reading


This story started out as my response to Week 6 in the 30 Weeks of Kink questions that keep making the rounds. I expanded it and posted the full (unedited) story in the Goodreads BDSM Group discussion forum. Not something I had planned on sharing here, but life has delayed work on Innocents, part II, and I didn’t to go two months w/o a story. Hope you enjoy. TW: Stockholm syndrome (or something very similar) I stand over you. Restrained, helpless, and hooded, you don’t yet realize I’m here, but you still fight. I hold a covered plate, the first … Continue reading

Innocents, Part 1

This short serial takes place about 500 years before the start of Glamourhai. Falthro examined the kneeling human the guards had brought before him. He detected no sign of the evil lurking in the man’s soul, but evil always conceals itself well. Two of his victims were missing. Two children whose mutilated bodies hadn’t been found and who might still be alive. Their families had petitioned for Falthro’s help. Another fae could have used his glamour to compel truth. Unfortunately, Falthro had…limitations…most fae didn’t. He would need to resort to other methods. He seized the man’s chin, forcing his head … Continue reading

The Dragon

This story was inspired by my good friend Naga di Kandang and his wife/Mistress Jalan. Nia guides her horse around a twisted track in the mountains. Each step takes her farther from familiar territory and deeper into the lands of the dragons. It is a dangerous journey, but necessary. Coming around another turn, a valley suddenly opens up before her. The valley floor is a canvas of wild flowers, swathes of bright colors that delight the eye. The scent reaches even to the hills that formed the valley’s walls. But Nia sees none of this. A glint of red in … Continue reading


ETA: Trigger warnings for transphobia. Aidohán, formerly Skerrie, was dragged before the new king. He had failed to overcome the young challenger, and lost his throne. Such was the way of the Skul Skerrie. What happened next was not. The new king–Aidohán never even learned his name–tore Aidohán’s seal skin from him and slashed it to pieces. Trapping him forever in human form. He had expected the king to turn on him next. Instead, the king turned his back, saying, “Leave him for salvage.” Aidohán screamed then. Screamed and fought with every ounce of strength left to him. But he … Continue reading